What is appMixable?

appMixable is a cloud service to supercharge the distribution of mobile apps post-launch. You decide on the aspects of your app you'd like to be remixable, e.g. editable, either by yourself, your team (private), or users of your app (public).

Remixes can be created through a variety of interfaces and delivered to your app's users without having to push a new version. Every remix is assigned a unique url that deeplinks into that exact experience in your app; "private" urls can be used internally for tasks like a/b testing, while "public" urls are ready to be shared and discovered via social media, SMS, or other means.

How It Works

How does the platform work?

The platform combines a client SDK for either Unity3D or iOS, a REST-based server API, a web dashboard for configuration and reporting, a mobile authoring platform for creative users, and a redirect service for public display and installation of remixes. You register your app with the platform and use your developer and app keys to create remixable parts for your app.

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What problems does it solve?


The costs of marketing an app and acquiring installs are growing higher each day. App discovery via social media is at a premium, and is only getting increasingly competitive.

Most apps suffer from static content — and most updates require an app store push. Updating your app's content and functionality at any time results in better user experience and engagement.

The same improved update dynamic also drives your users' ability to contribute to your app's success, because you can now empower them to express themselves through your app. You can start designing with user co-production and remixing as a core distribution mechanic.

Since each remix has a url, there are infinite ways for users to aggregate and share their customizations, massively increasing the discoverable footprint of your app.


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