How appMixable Works

Creative users make app content & share it on URLs anywhere.
We call this custom content an app remix.

1. User Encounters a Remix

Users discover that aspects of your app have been created by other users.

2. User Creates Their Own Remix

They decide they have their own customizations to share, and create their own remixes.

3. Friends Discover Shared Remix

Friends discover user remixes via unique URLs shared to their favorite social channels.

4. Friends Load Shared Remix

Friends load new remixes in app, either by click or install from that URL.

How Remix Distribution Works

Remixes have unique URLs available to everyone that clicks or installs from that link.

1. Users Share a Remix URL

App users share the URLs of their favorite remixes to their preferred social channels.

2. Friends Click Remix URL

Friends see their posts & click. Those with the app load the remix directly; others go through app install.

3. Installs Retain Remix URLs

If installing from App Store or Google Play, the remix URL remains known to the user & loads right after install.

4. Friends Load Shared Remix

The new remix is then loaded, providing the exact experience as intended by its author.

How To Integrate

Adding appMixable to your own app is a snap, and complements any other tracking, testing, or analytics solution you currently use.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for an account, create your first app, get your app keys, and off you go.

2. Add Our SDK

Choose from several SDKs for quick integration into your iOS and Android applications.

3. Configure, Analyze, and Iterate

Control the creation and delivery of in-app experiences, and gain insight from remix metrics

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