Here's an overview of how to incorporate the appMixable SDK into your iOS application.

Donwload or Pull from CocoaPod

Download the SDK and install it into a new or current Xcode project.

Mark Properties as Remixable

Choose the parts of your iOS app to be remixed, whether by yourself, others, or both.

Create the Remix

Use our web-based creation tools to make a remix targeting these properties.

Load & Test

Load the remix into your development environment, simulator, or device for testing.

Installing the iOS SDK

AppMixable is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "AppMixable"

Alternatively, download the SDK framework and resources bundle and install it into a new or current Xcode project.

Integration Steps

Developer integration documentation can be found here

Differences between SDKs by Platform

Although the richness of appMixable customization across development environments is comparable, the ease of implementation may require greater effort with the iOS SDK than with the Unity3D SDK. If you are undecided whether to use Unity3D for cross-platform development for iOS and Android, you will find that our Unity3D SDK is practically turnkey when it comes to adding remix functionality to your apps.

That being said, we do have partners who are quite happy using the iOS SDK, because the app remixing functionality fits so many of their needs. And often, it is used to augment an existing app that has already been developed using Xcode.

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